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Young Ministers who acknowledge their calling to preach the gospel should not strive for the high seat in the sanctuary, but should strive to prove their ministry. They should not be ordained until they have served a three year training period under the Pastor, and even then, if the spirit and attitude of the individual is not what it should be, he should wait even longer until his Pastor feels he is so qualified. He should learn to tarry with people and to attend prayer meetings regularly. This will enable him to take on the sober and dedicated attitude a minister should possess.


The Deacons are appointed by the pastor. They minister to the pastor and oversee the smooth functioning of conduct, finances, administration and security, especially in the sanctuary. Deacons should be honest, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom before they are appointed as overseers of any church matters (Acts 6:3). These creative, Christian men are bonded by love and heightened by compassion for the needy, lonely, suffering and the sick within the church. An ordained Deacon can preach, teach, serve communion, and baptize.